The End
The End
A History of the Second Coming
Christian History & Biography Issue 61

Hope Beyond the Details
Christians have hardly agreed about how and when Christ will return—only that he will.

Seeing the Glory
Once upon a time, most American Christians were optimistic about the end.

The Great Disappointment
When a New York farmer announced the date of Jesus' return, thousands of Americans believed him.

The Dispensationalist Era
How a once-mocked idea became so popular.

The "Second Comers"
Tongues first meant one thing: Jesus was returning soon.

Late, Great Predictions
Hal Lindsey and recent prophetic fervor.

Taking the Long View
Most early Christian thinkers were troubled by those who thought Jesus was coming soon.

Millennium Today
Augustine changed his mind—and that of the church in the West for the next 1,500 years.

Looking for the "Last Emperor"
The late Middle Ages was no tranquil era of religious harmony.

Sliver in a Forest
If we're wondering why so many Christians obsess about last things, we have Jesus to blame.

Did You Know?
Hall of Antichrists: Nine (of many) who were thought to be forbearers of the End.


Before Left Behind
It's not easy to say something new about the end of the world.

Obsessed with the End Times
Was Hitler the Antichrist? (Some still think so.) Or was it Gorbachev? (He had a mark on his forehead.)

The Rapture: What Would Jesus Do?
An end-times pilgrim counts the cost of discipleship.

Christ's Kingdom and Paradise
What is the difference between the heavenly 'paradise' that Christ promised the thief on the cross and the kingdom of God?

How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend
There is much more to the evangelical-Israel connection.

Opinion Roundup: Was September 11 the Beginning of the End?
Observers say geography and gravity of attacks have led to little prophecy speculation.

Why Believe in God?
Many say God doesn't exist. It's time to check out the evidence.